Life is a spiral

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My life is a spiral, spiralling from the nothingness to the everythingness. I grow and ungrow everyday, reinventing myself, always on the search of connecting and reconnecting with the deepness of my soul.

Navigating from the under-world to the middle-world to reach the upper-world, I am Whole with this Universe. In constant search of reUniting myself with the overall Universe. Everytime I inhale, I feel Mother Earth’s exhale, making us one in this infinite continuous moment.

Ix’Cacao, the Medicine of the Heart, the Food of the Gods, you help me expand my heart and consciousness. Thank you for your medicine, harmonizing my soul with humanity. My body is a vessel for Mother Earth to speak through me, your medicine is my melody. You are food for my spirit to express its purpose on this life. Thanks for your divine fuel, thanks for your everending teachings.

📸 @samanthamelitta thank you for capturing this beautiful moment with me connecting with Cacao tree.

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