Help us Re-Wild the Jungle of Guatemala

🌱 Join us in restoring the heart of Guatemala’s jungle in Semuc Champey! Climate change has devastated communities, burning fields and drying soil, leaving families without crops. Agrochemical industries exploit this crisis, urging people to abandon traditional, sustainable practices.

Let’s make a difference today!

Come join us in the effort to revive the heart of Guatemala's jungle in Semuc Champey! Communities have been ravaged by climate change, with fields scorched and soil parched, leaving families without sustenance. Agrochemical industries exacerbate the crisis, pushing for the abandonment of traditional, sustainable practices.

We can make a difference. By donating, you support the rewilding of this vital ecosystem, aiding communities to regrow crops and preserve their traditional ways. Together, we can increase biodiversity, restore balance, and protect Mother Earth for generations to come. Every contribution counts. Let's act now for a greener, healthier future!

Why you should care?

In the lush heart of Guatemala lies the breathtaking region of Semuc Champey, where the vibrant jungle once thrived in harmony with the Indigenous communities of this land. However, in recent years, the relentless impacts of climate change have cast a dark shadow over this paradise.

Families who once relied on the land for sustenance now face the harsh reality of burned fields and desiccated soil. Traditional farming practices, passed down through generations, are being eroded by the pressures of big corporations, as agrochemical industries exploit the vulnerability of these communities, peddling their pesticides as a solution to nature’s woes, urging the people to abandon their traditional, sustainable practices.

But amidst the turmoil, there is hope. We believe in the power of restoration, in the resilience of both nature and humanity. By coming together and supporting the rewilding efforts of this sacred land, we can reclaim what has been lost. Your donation will provide vital resources to help communities regrow their crops, revitalize their land, and preserve their cultural heritage.

Beyond mere survival, rewilding holds the key to a brighter future for all. By fostering biodiversity and protecting vital ecosystems, we not only safeguard the livelihoods of local communities but also ensure the health and well-being of our planet as a whole.

Join us in this noble cause. Together, let’s sow the seeds of change, nurture them with compassion, and watch as they flourish into a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Our actions today will reverberate for generations to come. Let’s make them count.