Our offerings, from my heart to yours

Our Holistic Offerings

Take a deep dive with our Ancient Wisdom facilitators and experience knowledge and inner journeys curated through millennia’s of culture and traditions. Designed as tools for your inner development and journey of life and consciousness. 

Indigenous knowledge holders have seen the need to adapt and grow in the modern day. They see the impact these experiences and traditions can bring to us. And it is with gratitude and as an offering to us and the world that these traditions are being made available.

Dive Deep into Mayan Cosmovision

Mayan Astrological Reading

Come on a journey with me and discover your unique spiritual essence, called Nahual, inspired by Mayan Tzolk’in Calendar. Get to know your Mayan astrological chart and receive cosmic insights from your spiritual guides which can enlighten your path towards self-realization.

What you will receive

Complete reading of your Mayan Cosmic Chart. You will have the opportunity to get to know yourself better, travel into the depth of your feminine and masculine nature, getting messages from your ancestors and  spiritual guides. You will receive important guidances to how to use your  unique gifts to align with your purpose.

Who is this for?

-You want to get to know yourself better

-You want to heal from childhood and ancestral traumas

-You want to live a purposeful life

-Get guidances to align with your purpose

-Align yourself to your true essence

-You have a spiritual calling

-You are a mystical being

-You are looking for a new way to connect with yourself

-For anyone who feels lost and needs some guidance

-For everyone who is open to receive cosmic messages

-You are open-minded and curious