Re-wilding our Hearts and the Earth


An Offering from us, nature, and ancient wisdom to you, your health & happiness

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About Heart to Earth Collective

Holistic Wellness

Our products are always, 100 % artisanal, organic, and sacred. We value a holistic approach where every parts of the circle of life are respected in the process: our customers, but also the soil, animals and plants where our food come from.

Courses and Co-Creation Opportunities

More than a company, we are a collective engaging in the reunions of people from around the world to co-create, and interact with Indigenous wisdom for living in our modern times.


Direct trade, & direct recognition for producers

Recognizing, honouring and valuing the ancient local traditional culture so that local producers have the means to adapt and grow in the modern world.


Sustainable agriculture and alter-globalization

Our collective is co-founded by farmers who practice regenerative agriculture and spread these techniques worldwide.  We stand for small local farmers to also have their place in the global economy.

Coming back to the sacredness of life

Heart to Earth wants to bring people back to their bodies and the inner wisdom we all have, offering quality products, learning and co-creation experiences that help us reconnect with the sacredness of life. Our experience is that life is a ceremony and everyday is an opportunity to honour ourselves, nature, and the Universe.

Re-imagining the way we connect with each other, nature and ancient cultures

Re-wilding our hearts and the earth. 

If you are looking for a different way. A way that genuinely decolonizes by consciously including, respecting and valuing all people, ancient traditions and nature. A way that builds an authentic, genuine human link between the diverse cultures and people of the world. Then you have come to the right place. 

Our Blog

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feel the full spectrum

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Life is a spiral

Life is a spiral

My life is a spiral, spiralling from the nothingness to the everythingness. I grow and ungrow everyday, reinventing...

Our Products

Our range of artisanal, ecological, and sacred products directly from members of the collective in communities around the world. Bringing us a sense of sacredness, light, and love, a fire of joy, health, and happiness in your home.

Our Offerings

Take a deep dive with our Ancient Wisdom Facilitators and experience knowledge and inner journeys curated through millenia’s of culture and traditions. Designed as tools for your inner development and journey of life and consciousness


Contribute to our mission by giving time, financial support and resources to our different projects around the globe. Encourage our partners to grow their vision and contribute to a better world to be created.