Cacao, an awakening teacher that reconnects us to the sacredness of life

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Cacao has been worshiped for thousands of years by its native cultivators in Mesoamerica. In Mayan cosmovision, this plant is seen as sacred. Being tightly linked with their spirituality, cacao has been believed to be brought by the gods to harmonize the relationship between humans and Mother Earth. Ironically, nowadays this same sacred plant is used against humanity, massively exploiting the Earth and the people that work on its fields. 

Growing well in West African land and being loved by the Westerners, big multinational companies such as Nestle, Cadbury, Lindt and Hersey grasp on this opportunity to use this plant as a colossal exploitative industry making humongous profits. Nowadays, 70% of cacao plantations are located in this region of the world, becoming not only one of the top reasons for the deforestation of West Africa but also related to the exploitation of its cultivators, being usually paid under 1$ per day. “Cacao” and “slavery” are more often than not, linked together in West Africa.

How a sacred plant like cacao, being viewed as a gift for humanity to reestablish harmony with the Earth by its cultivators for thousands of years, is now being used as an exploitation product, causing wrong to the Earth and to the people? What can we learn from the native cacao farmers that have been venerating and cherishing this plant for thousands of years? How can we reestablish a way to consume this plant that everyone loves without compromising the biodiversity of our first Mother?


This is where the vision for Heart to Earth arose. Creating a product that can be consumed, consciously, with respect for regeneration and protection of our producers traditions and our precious resources. We wanted to offer an alternative for the people to consume cacao in all its forms while reestablishing the legacy of its Indigenous cultivators, that teaches us the sacredness of this plant, and of our life. Inspiring people across the globe, bridging the ancient wisdom to the modern world to weave the New World we all crave for. 

Our mission is to bring awareness towards how we can re-envision the way we consume to weave towards a conscious living. Offering cacao in its raw and purest form, we give the world a new opportunity to connect with the people that cultivate its products, while continuing drinking a good hot chocolate, with more intention, enhancing the pleasure of life and its sacredness. 


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