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Are you resisting to feel the full spectrum of the orgasmic loving experience that is life?
Are you scared of your own light?

Subconsciously, you might be addicted to pain and chaos. Hiding behind a wounded part of yourself, that is resisting change, attached to a part of your story that fits with your suffering ego. Your ego is identifying to a false illusion aspect of who you are, or maybe is still attached to a limiting way to see yourself. You are constantly identifying to the past, repeating the same story. You are continuing imprisoning yourself in a time and space where your traumas reside which limits you from fully appreciating your life, this magical experience of being ALIVE. It becomes hard to fully surrender to full consciousness, and show up as your authentic self. It feels too vulnerable and unsafe to be yourself so you have created a big shell to protect your heart. But what if I told you that this light you have as the power to heal, and light up others unique light and experience LOVE daily?

Growing up, you might have felt lonely because people around you weren’t recognizing the whole of your being, which segmented yourself in parts that you are still trying to recover, and reassemble. I see you, I also have been there.
Fighting against feeling fully connected with the whole. You probably have a wound that is fighting against fully living a life of joy and love.
You are suppressing your own blessings and gifts. Suppressing this open and free spirit that you are.
If you have hard time feeling grateful and loved, it is because suffering as crystallized in your body, making you stick to a story that matches the wound that actually is there for you to recognize, love, and let go.

What if I tell you that you can wake up every morning feeling gratitude with a chest wide-open, feeling deep love for yourself and others? What if I tell you that life can be joyful? That everyday could be a new opportunity everytime the sun rises. What if I tell you that if you learn to fully love yourself, you would be able to see everyone as mirrors of this love, making life pleasurable, complete bliss. 🌸

If no one told you today, you are loved and blessed

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