From Boundaries to Boundless: The Birth of Heart to Earth 🌎

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Hey there! I’m Charlotte, the founder of Heart to Earth. Let me take you on a journey that traces the path of my life’s passions, experiences, and the dream that led me here.

From a young age, I harbored a deep fascination for the world and its diverse cultures full of treasures and rich histories. Growing up, with grandparents who had spent two decades in Tanzania and a father with roots in the Netherlands, I understood early on that there existed a world beyond the confines of my small village. I felt drawn to explore beyond the boundaries of my upbringing, inspired by tales of adventure akin to those of princesses venturing into the unknown, seeking for complete freedom.

I knew that, this lifetime, I would be discovering the mystery of this turning sphere that we live on. It was an inherent feeling for me that one day, I’ll leave my village and see the world, without any expectations and complete openness to receive the blessings of our humanity. 

By the age of 16, I had the chance to travel to Nicaragua for an internship in humanitarian aid and development and live in a community where we would build a park for the children. As I was embarking into this journey, I’ve started to study the history of the country and then becoming aware of what was happening there, I realized something profoundly painful about humanity. I was disgusted to realize that the reason why they were poor was because other countries abused and exploited their land. From that moment, I have started to ask myself big questions and read many books about our history, colonisation, human nature, and went back on travelling around Asia and later on to the Middle East.

Everywhere I journeyed, I encountered both resilience and despair. I witnessed communities living with scarcity yet overflowing with generosity, juxtaposed with regions ravaged by hunger, conflict, and disease. These experiences compelled me to confront the disparities in wealth distribution and the root causes of global injustices. The smile in the eyes of a jungle’s child inspired me that we don’t need so much to be happy and live well. That in fact, if we synchronize ourselves with the cycles of nature like they do, nobody would miss of anything and perhaps, there would be less car accidents, cancers and pollution. I have seen a contrast with the Western people where people live in the fear of lack and that’s why they accumulate so much material. I saw the oppression and war in the Middle East where we kill innocents for the greed of the riches. 

This all devastated me and also opened my heart so much for humanity. Because to be fair with you, I love all cultures and peoples. I love our differences, our perspectives, our visions, it is beautiful and we should embrace each others differences because we all have the different keys to unlock unity and the history of Humankind, and let supremacy over knowledge fades away so we can reconciliate ourselves with our identical wounds and enjoy the richness of all cultures, peoples, animals and plants, as for the cosmos.

Back to my story in Middle East..

I have spent 3 months in Israel, while I was still searching the answer to understand my role in this world. And what I have experienced and seen, devastated me. I have cried so much tears and was having a hard time to accept what was happening. Innocent people being killed daily, sleeping at night with the sounds of bombs all around me. Constant noise of destruction in the overall seen. A conflict that will never be repaired with bomb but with peace. And people so oppressed they became inertia to their power to change the course of things by being all together and listening to their heart longing desire for peace.

If we want to change the world, it has to start with our way of relating to the land and nature.

My time in Israel, amid the echoes of conflict and destruction, further deepened my resolve to effect change. The senseless loss of innocent lives underscored the urgent need for peaceful resolution and collective action.  After this travel, I went back to Canada to study journalism. I wanted to become of voice for the voiceless and empower people to speak the truth.

But this never happened. I never became a journalist and I will probably never be one. But I will continue writing and sharing in any other ways. I quickly understood how journalism was corrupted and wouldn’t really cover the things in depth and with truth. I saw medias were having their own agenda and in fact, they were not so much helping democracy but maintaining a status-quo on important issues. They will see one side of the bigger picture and write an article about a subject they barely know. I thought journalism would be a chance for me to speak about social justice, bring awareness to the world’s crisis, let the Indigenous people speak their truths without censored, but in fact it was a scam. I quickly understood that that wasn’t my path. Afterwards, I’ve quitted the traditional institution and started to follow an unconventional path, and learn from life itself, nature, and ancient wisdoms.

After Middle East, I’ve spent some times in Mexico and Guatemala where I have had the chance to sit in the jungle with people that lived unviolently and with peace in their heart. They had no phone, no TV, they had one room for 15 people to sleep in but they were still happy, living without the stress and flowing with the cycles of nature, cultivating the land and eating the most healthy food. I thought they had a good life, and they also loved their life. A sister from a jungle community in Chiapas, told me once in Spanish, « Why are you coming here? To me, I would never leave my village because I have everything I need from here and I love my community. »

This revealed in itself a truth about our world. We are Nature, and she is our Giver. We need to respect nature, to live a simple life, in peace and harmony, where there is enough to share and support our community. We need her but we also need to take care of her. We are Food! If we want to change the world, it has to start with our way of relating to the land and nature. And society has been so disconnected from this truth for so long that we raped Mother Earth to get unhealthy food full of chemicals.

Where activism, love for nature and its peoples could intertwined in a heart mission aiming regeneration at all levels.

When COVID happened, stuck at home, I’ve then started gardening with my brother who’s studied and practice permaculture. By seing from my own eyes, the magic of the art of respecting the flow of energy and using all elements of nature to create more life, I knew that it was the answer. We had abundant food in less than 5 years growing on the land with so much diversity that we didn’t even have to buy our supplies for veggies, medicine, and fruits. I understood on a practical level that regenerative agriculture has to be applied in large scale because not only its better for nature, it works better and brings more nutritious food!!!

I then went back to Mexico with my boyfriend at that time and finally broke up and I went by myself to Guatemala, where I participated in a ceremony with Tata Izaias and Nana Izabel and it opened my heart completely !! I then decided to study with them at Lava Love where I’ve learned about their Cosmovision, the way they see the world, creation of the Universe and the cosmos. I have received key insights and transmissions from their wisdom about how we connect with time, our spiritual relationship we can develop with different beings, and animal spirits, and how ancestors from this land have been connecting with different Gods. And then, the Spirit of Cacao rooted me into her love. The sacredness of life has been found. Within me, within the spirit of that plant. Ix Cacao is a Goddess of love sent by the Creator to reconnect ourselves to nature. She has been a vehicule for me from that moment on. My heart cracked opened and I surrendered to the flow of love.

This journey led to the creation of Heart to Earth, a collective dedicated to sharing wisdom, healing, and love. Weaving all together, I found the common ground of where all interconnected to my heart and soul. Where my activism, my love for the Earth and its peoples could intertwined in a heart mission aiming regeneration at all levels.

I wanted to create a collective where we can heal ourselves as we heal the world and regenerate the whole system, from the individual to the collective. My mission is expanding as I take one step at a time, but I intent to make this project a place for communities from all around the world to share their medicines and knowledges without shame and guilt and for the greater good of all. An organisation that supports regenerative farming and take responsability to enhance biodiversity. A safe space where we support each other and Nature to rise the frequency of love and change the course of humanity. A place where knowledge and wisdom can be shared without shame or guilt, a place where we recognize everyone powerful messages and decolonize our mind. A place of interculturality where we embrace and share the wisdoms of each other so we can connect the dots of unity again. I am ready to embark in a devotional path of love for plants, animals, humans and all beings and non-beings!

Join me in this devotion to love for plants, animals, humans, and all beings. Together, let’s change the course of humanity and embrace a future of harmony and interconnectedness.

If you would like to get involved, get in touch with me.

Thank you for embarking in this journey with me 🌎

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